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Meunerie biologique

Mario passed the mill torch 30 years ago to his son Donald. He heads up production and assures the proper operation of the organic mill since he took over in 2003. This mill was set up in the original building of the first mill, which had been used since the eighties.
Famille - Ferme Bio-rard
Poulet - Ferme Bio-rard

Raising Organic Chicken

Farm livestock receives particular attention when it comes to respecting the current standards. Since 2008, organic poultry has been certified by the OFFsaP (On-Farm Food Safety Assurance Program).

The Benefits of Eating Organically

Before embarking on this great adventure, entrepreneurs have researched the benefits of eating organically. They quickly saw all the benefits. Indeed, eating and raising organic means choosing a product that :

  • is natural, healthier and more nutritional
  • sees to the wellbeing and respect of animals
  • does not use herbicides or insecticides
  • encourages small business and fosters the development of new niches
Poulet - Ferme Bio-rard
Volaille - Ferme Bio-rard

The Vision

For the Bérards, composting, recycling, growing their own vegetables and raising poultry, pigs and turkeys are the practices that are an integral part of their lives.

Therefore, with the goal of passing down these values to future generations, Ferme Bio-Rard has this vision on its mind and endeavours to perpetuate this lifestyle with its employees and clients.

History of the Farm

In 2003, the Ferme Bio-Rard, a family business, launched an unusual and unconventional project: the sale of organic feed. From the perspective of only providing its customers with the best, the Bérard family tested their feed by raising broiler chickens. After a number of trials, they were finally able to sell their feed on a larger scale.

To date, the company still has its small original mill, and has surrounded itself with competent people to sell and distribute so that you can eat organically here in Quebec!

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