Organic Feed

Organic Feed

Ferme Bio-Rard only mills organic grains, thus reducing the risks of contamination. As much as possible, Mr. Bérard purchases grain from local producers, which benefits the environment. The grains (corn, soy, wheat, barley, pea, oats) are chosen for their quality and availability based on recipes developed by animal nutrition consultants.

Feed Mixes

 Animal  Period  Recommendation Proteins
Chicken Start
0 to 4 weeks
4 weeks to end
22  %
16,5 %
Turkey Start
0 to 4 weeks
4 weeks to end
27    %
19,5 %
Hen Laying 17  % 
Pig Start
8-40 kg
40 kg and +
17    %
14    %
Beef Cow Finishing 16 %
Milk Cow Complete feed 17 %
Duck Start
0 to 4 weeks
4 weeks to end
22 %
18    %
Sheep Complete feed 17 %
Dairy goat Complete feed 17 %
Mixed Grains 14 %
Alpaca 17    %


Ask the mill for prices (subject to change without notice). Sales tax is not applicable, and only cash will be accepted. No cheques or credit cards.

The feed is sold in 10 kg or 25 kg bags, in 250 to 1000 kg tote bags and in bulk. To avoid an unnecessary trip, first contact the farm to check the availability of your order. 

Delivery and Distributors

A truck with a working load of 10 MT is available to transport bulk feed.

We are unfortunately not able to offer transportation for bagged feed. You can find out about the availability of products from one of our distributors near you.

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