Organic Poultry

Produces organic chickens and turkeys

Every week, Ferme Bio-Rard produces organic chickens and turkeys.

Invent your own recipes using our products!

Here are some of our products:

  • Wings
  • Carcass (pack of 4)
  • Legs (pack of 2)
  • Whole turkey
  • Liver/heart
  • Deboned thigh (pack of 4)
  • Deboned chest (pack of 2)
  • Drumstick
  • Whole chicken
  • Ground chicken
  • Fine-herb sausage


Ask the farm for prices (subject to change without notice).

Sales tax is not applicable, and only cash will be accepted. No cheques or credit cards. To avoid an unnecessary trip, first contact the farm to check the availability of your order.


The vast majority of our poultry are processed and sold by Ferme des Voltigeurs de Drummondville. The Milibec company takes care of distribution in businesses and supermarkets interested in and requesting these products. Bio-Rard products are sold Under Les Fermes Voltigeurs Bio.


Our products are found in the majority of IGA and Métro supermarkets, in most natural food stores and in various markets around Montreal.

If you do not find it, ask for it from your butcher.

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